Here is a list for you with most common asked questions:

Q:  Must I undress completely?

A: What our experience tells is that it usually is not comfortable to be completely naked on a massage table …

Anyway, we will let you choose – We are used to giving you an equally good massage, for those who want to undress completely and for those who do not want to undress completely … If you’re undressing you’re always alone and you get a wrapping towel to cover yourself.

Q:  Is all personal qualified for the job?

A: Yes! We have the following diploma’s and certificates:

Wellness Spa Therapeut (2008)
– Hot Stone
– Bamboo
– Herbal Thai
– Chocolatherapy
– Aromatherapy
Kinesiotape  (2008-2009)
QuiroSportMassage (2009)
Body Treatments (2010)
– Cellulite behandeling
– SlimFit behandeling
– Cel-renewing treatment
Reiki (2010)

Q:  What kind of treatments do you give?

A: We have several treatments, which you can devide in three major catergories:

  • Sport massages (deep tissue massage, Quiro Sport Massage)
  • Welness Therapy (Bamboo massage, Aromatherapie massage etcetera)
  • Fun & extravagant (Mediterranean session in summer, Northsea session in winter)
Q:  Do you offer your services at home or at the office?

A:  Besides our massage salon in The Hague we offer our services at home or at the office. In the area of The Hague we do not charge additional travel costs.

Q:  Do I get discount if I bring a customer to you?

A:  Absolutely!

You get discount as a regular returning customer and also when you help us serve new clients!